Remark Run 3.


Run3Cover1.jpgIn 2014, the Run series was unleashed with a fury. The 2-part, trance-inspired sonic adventure cruised at over 135 beats per minute and had one primary mission: to make you move with intensity and relentless energy. Fast forward 5 years and the third chapter in the trilogy arrives. Experience 25 years of remarkable dance floor memories as current uplifting trance intermingles with progressive and vocal deep cuts from past. Move through sound, motion, and memories like never before. This is Remark Run 3: 1994 – 2019.

Protean Remark.


2018 concludes with the progressive and temperamental mix called Protean. This tech-house soundscape meanders through intelligent electronica, hypnotic percussion, hints of world music, and well-balanced vocals. A portion of the mix pays homage to the past, featuring a medley of new interpretations of classic 1990 progressive anthems. The rhythm and energy of Protean shifts and morphs over three hours, successfully earning the definition of its title: "tending or able to change frequently or easily and able to do many different things”. It concludes on a down-groove emotional tip, with the final lyrics begging the listener to “stay with me”. Enjoy this three hour sonic story to finish off the remarkable year.

Remark Wedlock – Mark & Luis ★ 15 July 2018


Wedlock.pngOn 15 July 2018, I got married to the man of my dreams in London. At the end of the incredible day, I curated a celebratory dance mix to conclude the event. The 2-hour medley — appropriately titled “Wedlock” — features some of the most memorable Remarkable vocal anthems that have rocked dance floors throughout the years. The mix was released at the precise moment it got played at the wedding, so that Remarkable fans around the world could experience the uplifting vibe at the same time. And for those guests who attended the event in person, you can now relive the triumphant dance party from the end of our spectacular day. So dance and sing, get up and do your thing — and remember that love wins, every time!

Remark presents Pet Shop Boys: Encomium II 1986 – 2018


PSBII.jpgIn 2016, Remark presents Pet Shop Boys: Encomium 1986 - 2016 was released to celebrate 30 years of Pet Shop Boys. The mix, recorded live in Edinburgh for the Pet Shop Boys Symposium, contained 3+ hours of remixed hits from every album spanning their multi-decade career. Although a number of notable songs were included, there were some significant tracks that were missed. It’s now time to revisit the Pet Shop Boys' impressive catalog and finish what was started. This is Encomium II — packed with even more hits, rarities, remixes and collaborations. This 3-hour Remark tribute mix continues to celebrate the most successful pop duo of all time, featuring at least one song from every album through 2018 and other tracks from every decade of the Pet Shop Boys’ relentlessly successful career. For more information about Remark's fandom, visit

Remark Inculcator.


Inculcator_3.pngThe first remarkable soundscape of the year makes a grand entrance. 2018 signifies DJing for 30 years and this mix celebrates storytelling and dance floor inculcation through house music. I’ve always been thrilled with and inspired by telling stories through the music — carefully curating tracks that weave in and out of each other — creating a journey that takes the listener on a physical and mental experience from start to finish. Inculcator is the latest intentional chapter in this dancefloor celebration and the cerebral adventure that goes with it.

Remark Lovelife.



I recently had an incredible night out seeing Hercules & Love Affair perform live in was a disco-infused house music experience and it reminded me of the glory days of the 1990s when the dancefloor was filled with vocals, piano stabs, funky samples, and throbbing-bobbing bass lines. I was inspired to tap into that positive energy to bring 2017 to a close with this uplifting Remarkable mix. Appropriately titled Lovelife, it celebrates disco soul and the feeling of unity that the dance floor brings…pulling together some recent club tunes and pairing them with some of my biggest vocal anthems from decades past. So when you’re in the mood to be energized and to simply feel good, throw this bouncing medley on and live the Lovelife spirit.

Remarklassics Volume V: Dreamin’


Cover2.jpgRemarklassics returns after a 4 year hiatus. This latest installment, “Dreamin’”, picks up where the last one left off: after some intense hours of peaking, this mix takes you into the dreamlike state of the dance floor in those very early hours of the morning. Those hours were always magical, when the darkest night turned into dawn and you literally felt like you were floating through music. This 3 hour journey showcases the intensity and melodies of some of the biggest progressive house tracks of the 1990s. It’s absolutely worth experiencing the set from start to finish, as though you were in the club at 5 AM, soon to watch the sunrise. Forever remembering…forever dreaming.

Remark Meteoric.


Cover.jpgA mix more than six months in the making, the remarkable sound of the summer has finally arrived. Meteoric erupts with energy and pulls you into a pulsing, progressive, late-night groove. Much like the title implies, the mix begins with a meteoric rise in rhythmic intensity that throbs its way across the dance floor. There are a few nods to the past, with some new interpretations of classic tracks. But for the most part, this mix showcases new and fresh music from 2017 to keep you moving. As the 3-hour mix subsides, the energy shifts into sensual, moody tech…aiming to match your mental state at the end of a glorious club night. Meteoric indeed, it’s been well worth the wait.

Remark Mementomomentum.


MML.jpgAs the tumultuous 2016 draws to a close, the final Remarkable mix of the year is born. This epic journey unfolds over 3 hours, revealing something new and deeper and different as you continue the ride. The mix title is comprised of the words "memento" and "momentum" and is intended to inspire us to focus on the energy of the moment. Those moments of escape on the dancefloor when you feel connected to everything and everyone all at once. Enjoy this final emotive chapter of the year and let the music move you...

Remark Rhythm.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_44_50_PM.pngThe summer of 2016 concludes with Rhythm, a mix that has been a few years in the making. Last year, it almost made its debut right after the remarkable vocal celebration mix, Harmony. Harmony and Rhythm were always intended to be companion mixes, and this one is the deeper and dubbier of the two. Filled with throbbing, unstoppable basslines, some uplifting house vocals, and most importantly layer upon layer of percussion...this mix is a groove that doesn't want to stop.

Remark Solstice.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_44_38_PM.pngSolstice debuts as the remarkable summer mix of 2016. This mix has special meaning to me as it is dedicated to the victims of the Pulse Orlando shooting that took place in June. This vocal-infused house music experience celebrates life and the community of the dancefloor and is intended to keep you uplifted and smiling and dancing all night long. Stylistically, it has a few nods to the 1990s when I DJed every week in Orlando, and also has some summer gems from the past few years in addition to brand new music. Enjoy this house celebration.

Remark presents Pet Shop Boys: Encomium 1986-2016


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_44_27_PM.pngAfter an exclusive two month run on Mixcloud, my 3-hour Pet Shop Boys tribute debuts on the Remarkable Podcast. This set was recorded live in Edinburgh, Scotland on 25 March 2016 to close out the Pet Shop Boys Symposium, a 2 day academic seminar celebrating Pet Shop Boys contributions to pop music and culture. Enjoy this extraordinary tribute to my favourite band of all time. The mix has at least 1 song from every album and showcases their 30 year flawless career.

Remark Leitmotif.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_44_17_PM.png2015 concludes with the mind-altering Leitmotif. Defined as "a recurrent theme throughout a musical or literary composition, associated with a particular person, idea, or situation", Leitmotif takes you on a moody aural journey that represents my deeper sound from the past 5 years. This ambitious end to 2015 is released to coincide with New Year's Eve – a nod to the extraordinary days of old when I would DJ in clubs or at house parties on such a memorable holiday evening. So enjoy this mix, on NYE or any quality late night occasion.

Remark Manoeuvre.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_44_06_PM.pngAfter the previous uplifting mix of the summer - Harmony - we move on to celebrate late summer and the darker parts of the evening with Manoeuvre. I envision that this mix begins around 2:00 a.m.: that time of night when the surreal and moody vibes take control and truly lose yourself in the journey that that dance floor provides. Intense, trippy, and even melodic, Manoeuvre should satisfy your deep and dark dance floor desires.

Remark Harmony.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_43_56_PM.pngAfter the depths and darkness of my previous moody mix Presager, the summer of 2015 explodes with a celebration of five decades of vocal house anthems. Harmony showcases some of my favourite vocal house mixes of all time. It's the perfect melody to uplift your summer and is best enjoyed in the sun - whether it's midday by the pool, sunset with a cocktail in hand, or after a long night out and you're dancing to the sunrise. So dance and sing, get up and do your thing...

Remark Presager.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_43_43_PM.pngI originally intended for the first mix of 2015 to be an uplifting vocal affair. But something grabbed a hold of me on the cusp of spring -- a creative energy that swirls best in the darkest and deepest of nights. The 3 hour and 21 minute mix Presager emerged from the depths, painting a dramatic, hallucinatory soundtrack that weaves its way through your conscious and subconscious. So while we wait of the uplifting moments to return, experience this full-on 4:00 a.m. dance floor forecast.

Remark Chapters.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_43_32_PM.png2014 concludes with the epic remarkable new mix, Chapters. This almost 3-hour soundscape can be divided into six distinct "chapters", each representing a different moment and feeling as the mix intensely progresses. It captures a lot of emotion from this past summer, manifesting itself into a big room tech-house journey. Like most Remark mixes, this one focuses on the present with some nostalgic nods to the past. Experience this final Remarkable sound of 2014: Chapters.

Remark Senescence.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_43_18_PM.pngWe ease into the late summer with part 3 of a long-standing Remarkable trilogy. Joining the ranks of 2001's Breathe and 2002's Evolution, I'm proud to bring you a mix that's been in the works for years: Senescence. This mix, which reflects upon the idea of aging, dips very deep into minimal, dubby, tech-inspired grooves. More of an intellectual headphone mix than a dance floor stomper, Senescence inspires movement in the darkest of nights.

Remark Solus.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_43_07_PM.pngAfter the slamming previous trance mixes Run and Run2 from earlier this year, this summer we see a return to the depths of a progressive tech-house groove with Solus. The collection of tracks covers some great songs I've had in the queue for a while, not to mention a couple of old-school surprises thrown in for good measure. Definitely an incredible early morning vibe.

Remark Run 2.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_42_05_PM.pngThe energy from last month continues with the slamming part 2 conclusion of Run. The mix continues with the same energy and theme as its predecessor, clocking in at over 3 hours and keeping the same running pace of 136 beats per minute. Soaring vocals coupled with driving basslines will ensure you are still running to release and running forever...

Remark Run.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_41_55_PM.png2014 begins with a mix that has been in the works for 5 years: it's the climactic release of Run. The mix, released on my 41st birthday, celebrates life at 136 beats per minute and is the longest mix I have ever recorded, clocking in at an incredible three hours and twelve minutes. The mix is engineered and programmed for doing anything and everything energetic--it is the ultimate assertion of life. Run to release and run forever.

Stellar Remark.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_41_39_PM.pngThe final Remark mix of 2013 has arrived, appropriately titled Stellar. This tech-vocal groove saunters through depth, space, and time--cruising along with some sexy bass line rhythms and occasionally flirting with some serious four-on-the-floor energy. The journey comes to an end almost three hours later with some uplifting sounds and dreamy synths. Revel in this Stellar Remarkable experience.

Remarklassics Volume IV: Peakin’


Screen_Shot_2016-11-17_at_4_27_33_PM.pngPicture this: It's a Saturday night between 1994 and 1998. It's 2 AM and you're on some random packed dance floor in a club in Orlando, Florida. You can taste the energy in the room; there's an intensity like you've never experienced before. The strobes and lights are flashing all around you. You're surrounded by friends, new and old. The bass from the speakers is almost the feeling hits you: Remark has just jumped on the decks for a 3 hour set. This, is Peakin'.

Remark Broadcast.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_41_14_PM.pngAfter the deep house exploration of Altostratus, the Remarkable Podcast explodes with the definitive uplifting mix of 2013: Broadcast. A surging, soaring entirely vocal mix that blends the new with the nostalgic, Broadcast highlights the extraordinary positive energy that surrounds us all on the dance floor. So turn it up on a summer afternoon...turn it up when getting ready to go out...turn it up in your car...or simply turn it up at the peak of a club night. Broadcast is guaranteed to make you move and put a smile on your face.

Remark Altostratus.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_41_24_PM.pngWell the summer of 2013 is upon us, and I'm pleased to release a new Remarkable mix. Altostratus starts off as a deep house excursion...yet it slowly builds and a tribal, almost sinister, energetic climax. I envision this being best enjoyed in a dark small club, very late at night, with plenty of ultraviolet lights and fog...the perfect atmosphere to take you on a serious mental aural journey. So enjoy Altostratus: a stratospheric house affair.

Remark Quartz.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_40_51_PM.pngAfter the intense, banging spring release Resplendent, I'm easing into summer with this late night and early morning sensual groove. Quartz, as it's called, takes you on a tech progressive adventure, moving you through intelligent dreams of sound. Layers of swirling synths and atmosphere rule this mix. So turn Quartz up around 5 AM and sway on the dancefloor until sunrise...

Resplendent Remark.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_41_01_PM.pngWell it is here: the highly anticipated mix for spring 2013, "Resplendent". An uplifting and exciting return to original form, this quality mix is a reminder of the energy that I love to play out live. Bouncing bass lines, soaring vocals, and a serious injection of four-on-the-floor rhythm and ear-popping drops. Experiencing this mix will surely motivate you and inspire you to hit the dance floor and have a remarkable good time.

Remark Egressus.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_40_37_PM.pngIt's time to celebrate a new year and a brand new two-part Remarkable mix: "Exitus Egressus". Get 2013 started right with the second part of this incredible progressive-house inspired mix, "Egressus". The mood picks up where "Exitus" left off, and it slowly builds into a storming dark stomper that literally almost explodes at the end. Intense. Emotional. Extraordinary.

Remark Exitus.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_40_27_PM.pngIt's time to celebrate a new year and a brand new two-part Remarkable mix: "Exitus Egressus". Get 2013 started right with the first part of this incredible tech-house inspired mix, "Exitus". It begins quite dramatic and haunting; then builds in progressive energy throughout the two hour mix; all the while tinkering with techno and psychedelic tribal moments until the very end.

Remarklassics Volume III: Schoolin’


Screen_Shot_2016-11-17_at_4_27_23_PM.pngFollowing some of my newest sounds in the previous podcast Nightside, I'm excited to bring everyone the third installment of the Remarklassics series, Schoolin'. This set completely captures the beginning of the house music scene in Orlando, Florida. Hands-in-the-air piano riffs, signature bass drops, bouncy breakbeats, and even old-school progressive house. Extraordinary flashbacks for an extraordinary time for music!

Remark Nightside.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_39_21_PM.pngTo kick off autumn 2012, here's a brand new dark and moody tech-house excursion called Nightside.  Similar to this year's earlier release, Aestheticavida, this mix explores similar sonic textures, taking you deep into the shadows of the dance floor.  Enjoy this grooving and intelligent minimal aural experience

Remark Dynamism.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_39_04_PM.pngWell it's the peak of summer, which means it's time for the definitive Remark mix of the year. Just like the previous Remarkable summer mixes "Floored" and "Reign", "Dynamism" represents the quintessential Remark dance floor experience. So turn up the volume, and celebrate this intense, uplifting, and throbbing explosion of Remarkable energy and sound.

Lucent Remark.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_38_50_PM.pngHere's a new Remarkable release to keep your summer of 2012 bright and brilliant. "Lucent" is a spirited and uplifting foray into nu-disco and synthpop, and yet again reveals another facet of my passion for all kinds of house music. Inspired by my DJ friends the Cosmonauts, I began tinkering with this summery mix in 2010. This updated and finished version showcases an assortment of current and classic radiant electro tunes that will push you to the dance floor with a smile on your face. Enjoy!

Remarklassics Volume II: Progressin’


Screen_Shot_2016-11-17_at_4_27_11_PM.pngFor July, I'm excited to bring my listeners the second installment of the Remarklassics series, "Progressin'". This set showcases so much of what made the 1990s great: epic 10+ minute mixes with extraordinary mind-blowing and teeth-grinding breakdowns, exploding into timeless, uber-intense climaxes. So crank up Remarklassics Volume II and flashback to those incredible late night moments!

Remark Aestheticavida.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_38_37_PM.pngA celebration of tech-house glory, Remark releases "Aestheticavida". This electronic minimal stomper is filled with swirling synths, dramatic basslines, and sporadic yet crafty vocals. Get your summer started right with this versatile mix that can entertain on sunny afternoons just as easily as it can pull you to the dance floor at 6 AM to watch the sun come up.

Remarklassics Volume I: Pumpin’


Screen_Shot_2016-11-17_at_4_27_02_PM.pngRecently I rediscovered an entire case of Remark cassettes from the 1990s, and I became completely nostalgic about those glory years of clubbing. The audio quality on the cassettes is not very good, so I became inspired to remaster and re-record some of the best Remarkable anthems from that time period.  The idea morphed into a new compilation called Remarklassics.  Enjoy the first one in the series, Pumpin'. Complete with diva vocals, sirens, and intense rhythm, this is definitive old-school Remark.

Remark Darkroom.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_38_18_PM.pngMore incredible musical energy this spring with a brand new Remark release, Darkoom.  This collection of darker, almost techno tunes has been waiting for the perfect time to strike.  Uniting some older progressive treats with new dance floor stompers, this mix showcases brooding (and even acidic) basslines, sharp synth stabs, driving energy, and intense yet sparse vocals. Download to celebrate yet another Remarkable chapter of intense music in a Darkroom filled with sound.

Remark Supernova.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_38_01_PM.pngSpring 2012 kicks off a remarkable venture into new sonic territory. A Remark first, Supernova slows things down to a cool, deep, sexy 115 beats per minute. This chugging groove interweaves the past and the present through heavy basslines, dubby flashbacks, and minimal space house into one coherent dance floor experience with a massive climax.  Let Supernova take you on a new and experimental remarkable journey...

Remark Spectrum.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_37_52_PM.png2012 begins with part 2 of a two-part new Remarkable mix, collectively entitled Prism+Spectrum. Originally intended to be just one mix, the sound grew to be two distinct, yet connected aural journeys. Prism is darker, deeper, and more brooding; and then Spectrum breaks through with light and color and showers the listener with uplifting energy. Both mixes weigh in at over two hours, and showcase a varied range and compass of incredible sound.

Remark Prism.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_37_40_PM.png2012 begins with part 1 of a two-part new Remarkable mix, collectively entitled Prism+Spectrum. Originally intended to be just one mix, the sound grew to be two distinct, yet connected aural journeys. Prism is darker, deeper, and more brooding; and then Spectrum breaks through with light and color and showers the listener with uplifting energy. Both mixes weigh in at over two hours, and showcase a varied range and compass of incredible sound.

Remark Reign.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_11_35_22_PM.pngAfter many months, the Remark mix of the summer of 2011 has finally arrived.  Reign celebrates the excitement and energy of relocating my life to London.  Showcasing all new music, this mix picks up where 2010's Floored left off: a demanding, maddening, four-on-the-floor stomper that's pulsing with electricity.  Clocking in at almost two hours, Reign is certain to get you moving and grooving.

Remark Breathe.


Picture_8.pngIn 2000, I left my DJing career and moved away from Orlando, FL to Dallas, TX. My future was uncertain and my life was full of change. Now in 2011,here I am relocating from Atlanta, GA to London, UK.  My life is yet again filled with extraordinary change and uncertainty.  To commemorate this, I bring you Breathe. An intensely emotional mix, Breathe was recorded in Dallas when my life was up in the air. I thought it would be a great way to symbolize my move to London, now ten years later.  Enjoy the mix.

Remark Perspective.


Picture_24.pngI figured that in 2011 I'd go ahead and upload the remainder of my mixes that I've made over the past 10 years, and to kick off this year, I bring you Perspective.  A dark, brooding, deep, progressive stomper, Perspective would be the perfect companion to some late night partying. Originally recorded in 2002, it's got some great big club classics.  Hope you enjoy this Perspective.

Remark Floored.


Screen_shot_2011-10-12_at_7_40_16_PM.pngThe Remark mix of the summer is here, so prepare to be Floored.  Probably the most intense Remark mix in some time, this carefully crafted energetic extravaganza captures the intensity of the dance floor that has inspired me since my DJing career began.  Clocking in at over an hour and a half, it's sure to please and fulfill any party.  So get up and get Floored to this remarkable sound!

Remark Priority.


Screen_shot_2011-10-12_at_6_40_05_PM.pngThis mix will certainly heat up what's left of winter and get you ready for spring.  This mix is classic Remark, with the kind of energy you'd expect during a prime set of a massive club night. Some of it even hints at a dance-rock theme, with thumping new mixes of U2, Editors, and Doves. Probably one of my most "four-on-the-floor"  mixes to date, this podcast will have you grooving in no time. Make it a priority to get on the dance floor!

Vigorous Remark.


Vigorous3.jpgThe Remark mix of the summer for 2009 is here:  Vigorous.  Filled with emotion and energy, this mostly progressive mix will have you amped up in no time.  With its interesting psychedelic flashback introduction, to the middle intense pounding bass lines, to the final emotional synths, this mix is sure to inspire vigor with every listen.

Remark Recollection.


Picture_7.pngWell it's been since January since I have released a new mix, so I thought it would be nice to have two podcasts this summer!  The first one is a flashback to 2001 called Recollection.  It is quite an emotional mix for me, filled with some of the best late night and after-party tracks from the 1990s that highlighted my DJing career.  So download the tunes and remember those amazing days of progressive house music...

Remark Flight.


Picture_33.pngWhat better way to kick off 2009 than with an amazing, uplifting, sure to make you groove mix? After the previous dark and brooding Obsidian, Flight takes us back in a positive direction, a la Prime.  So, open the windows, sing as loud as you can, and take flight to this latest Remark mix!

Remark Obsidian.


Picture_32.jpgThe past few mixes, particularly Radio and Prime have really focused on the positive side of Remarkable energy.  For the holidays in 2008, I'm taking it dark, dark, dark with Obsidian.  Inspired by discovering an old mix on a mini-disc I found, Obsidian is certainly the deepest mix I have ever put together.  Only one track has vocals, and they are creepy at best. This holiday, enjoy the darker side of Remark.

Necessary Remark.


Picture_14.pngA classic mix for the fall of 2008.  Verging on the edge of progressive and deep vocal house, this late night treat is sure to entertain.  Dark grooving baselines, spooky vocals, and plenty of rhythm to keep you dancing 'til dawn.  Enjoy this edition of the Remarkable Podcast--Necessary. Because it is, after all, necessary.

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